How Chess Can Benefit Seniors

How Chess Can Benefit Seniors

Being a senior today

There is a lot of focus these days on the next generation. Parents everywhere are using supplemental education facilities to give there children a competitive advantage. As a result learning centers are packed with students all trying to live up to their potential.

Meanwhile, another group of people are being ignored and even neglected. I am talking about older people, those 65 and above. I have been told many times, particularly by seniors, that there is a sense of neglect in their community. "It is like I walk around and nobody even sees me" one senior said.

Chess for seniors

In response to these conditions some seniors have started looking for activities, such as art and music lessons. These activities are highly beneficial in many ways. They provide interaction with others, which helps to keep people from depression. They provide a sense of accomplishment. All in all they help keep people feeling alive.

Chess is another activity that people 65 and above can really benefit from. Chess provides mental stimulation. The brain is like any other part of the body. If you use it, it becomes stronger. Mental health is of greater concern as one grows older, and activity is the key to staying healthy.

First steps

The best part of chess is that just about anyone is able to play. You can even play and study alone. If you have a computer, a chess game is just a few clicks away. As a first step get yourself a board and make a free online account if you can. Search for others who could be possible opponents and study partners. Before you know it, you will be an explorer in a world of endless possibilities doing things you never thought were possible!

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