Finding The Right Match For Beginner Chess Instruction

Finding The Right Match For Beginner Chess Instruction

For teaching a beginner in chess you do not need a Grandmaster.

Thankfully for your wallets! To achieve the rank of Grandmaster in chess is no easy feat, and if you want to hire one of the few that do teach you are looking at hundreds of dollars per hour. If you are searching for beginner chess instruction there are plenty of alternatives to one on one lessons with the world’s top players.

Chess experts for beginner chess instruction

According to the United States Chess Federation, an individual with a USCF rating of 2000 is considered an expert in chess. In New Jersey, one of the most competitive states in the country, this rating is good enough to put a player in the 99th percentile. Experts are much easier to come by and charge a lot less for instruction. They are also more than capable of teaching beginners in chess.

What beginners need first is to fully understand how the pieces move and to understand the advantages and disadvantages each piece clearly. Once a student has gained freedom in moving the pieces they can be taught the basic principles of opening play, tactical combinations, and endgames. For these things it is simply not necessary to enlist the skills of a Grandmaster.

When searching for the right teacher, there are some things to keep in mind

Remember that a teacher, no matter in what field, teaches more than just the material. What this means is that an instructors habits are very important as they will be noticed by the student. Pick an instructor that is well kept, consistently on time and teaches in a manner that maximizes the usage of the time available. In addition, it is a plus if that teacher is also a regular entrant in competitive tournaments. This helps ensure that the player’s knowledge is not outdated and that they are aware of current events in chess.

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