Don't Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow

Don't Do Today What You Can Put Off Until Tomorrow

A quick chess lesson from Benjamin Franklin

It would be quite hard to find a person who hasn't heard of Ben Franklin's famous aphorism: "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today". Surely anyone who has achieved success, no matter in what endeavor, appreciates the power of this rule. A chess player, however (which Franklin was known to be) would also appreciate the value of the seemingly ridiculous reversal of this quote into "Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow".

Decision-making in chess

In chess (much like in politics) you do not make a decision regarding a certain issue until you are forced to do so by your opponent. By doing this you remain flexible, and it is difficult for your opponent to know what you are planning. This causes a weaker mind to feel distress, which in chess usually leads to panic and confusion in the form of erratic moves. When they do finally force your hand you reveal your true intentions, and by this time the weaknesses they have caused in their own position have created many paths you can take to victory.

This is just one example of how having a ChessWired mind can open up a brand new world for a person who would see it. You learn to see the advantages and disadvantages of different things, and you have no trouble looking at things from a new perspective. You know the value of flexibility but are able to balance it with direct, forceful action to fulfill your intentions, whatever they might be.

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