A Quick Chess Experiment You Can Try On Anyone

A Quick Chess Experiment You Can Try On Anyone

Below is a chess experiment you can try every time you speak with a person

Ask them if playing chess makes you a smarter person. Most people will answer “Yes” immediately. Some may be more reserved and say “Probably” or “Not necessarily”, but it is quite rare to get an answer of “No”.

While it seems that there is an agreement that chess helps the mind, many people when pressed do not know how. As part two of the chess experiment, ask them how it makes you smarter and observe their reactions. Very few people will answer this question without taking a considerable time to think, and even after serious thought it is very common to get an answer like “Well I’m not sure.”

What is the cause of this? How could so many people agree that something makes you smarter but not have an idea about how? The answer is that many people consider chess nothing more than a thinking game, and they conclude that a thinking game must make you smarter.

In reality chess is much more than a game

It is a reflection of universal law and truth. For the players, it is a chance to become bigger than your self, a true King. Players quickly learn that being King is not all sunshine and rainbows, and it is the struggle against your opponent that makes chess such a good teacher.

Conflict is real, and will always be a part of the world we live in. Chess is at it’s heart a game of conflict resolution, and it is in this way that chess makes you “smarter”.

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